Friday, February 13, 2009

the rain - Dan Rodgerson

More random thoughts

People here work in the rain. I think they know that in a few minutes, things will hopefully dry out.

It is a strange tribal life where the leaders of the churches are essentially the leaders of the community. No police, judges or written law. The land technically belongs to the government but with written permission that the tribe can utilize the ground. There is no mail system or telephones. There is a medical clinic that is staffed only three days per week. I think it is a nurse practitioner.

The Sandinista/ contra war in the 80’s was a huge impact on this town. There were nearly 10,000 refugees from Nicaragua which came to this small town. There are still many remnants and reminders of that period.

The military dress in camouflage and carry machine guns. I have been here for several weeks and not real sure what they are looking for or protecting.

The moon has been full has provided light in the evenings. People have been up a bit later.

One thing I could not undersand. If the people here work so hard and the food is so scarse, why are many of the people so thick?

The kids here climb coconut trees for juice and a snack.

It has been a wild experience to be here but I miss the luxuries of civilization. Have not taken a hot shower in 4 days, not shaved in over a week. I have dirt under my fingernails and all of my clothes are dingy and moist.

Feels weird that there is an end to my adventure. It has been an amazing eye opening experience. In just a few days I need to return to my regular life and the realities there. I guess that is the purpose of an adventure or vacation…to get away from real life for a while. I plan to head out of the jungle either tomorrow or Friday morning for a phone interview on Friday.

When I was in Puerto lempira, the parrot that was on the floor of the restaurant made the sounds that rooster make in the morning because it has spent it’s life hanging with chickens. There are so many places I can go with that but I will just let it be.

Spent the day half crashed because I did not feel good and the other half trying to research grants with the theme of sustainability. We had some long discussions about how to help. One woman said that if we gave each family a grand they would not have the knowledge or education to spend I wisely. If we gave they all a cow or pig, they would need resource to take care of it, feed it, coral it, protect it etc. The answer is never simple.

Before I head back I do want to visit a huge waterfall and a place which has some ancient ruins. I hope I can fit it in.

The trip back with be rough. Back of a truck for another four hours. That still only gets me to a place that can only be accessed by plane or ship. Not really looking forward to that but it will be closer to hot showers and something other than rice and beans. Never realized how much I miss bread.

There is not an orphanage in Mocoron but there is one on the way to Puerto lempira. I want to visit one because I have never understood why there are orphanages here and people are waiting years to adopt in the states. There are plenty here to go around. Not really sure what I will do at the orphanage but I want to experience it.

The people are black here. Not tan or Mexican but jet black. Like African black. Not sure why I expected anything different. Going to crash. There has not been much sun and that means not much electricity from the solar system

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