Friday, February 13, 2009

Road back to civilization - Dan Rodgerson

12 people in the back of a pick up truck

my buddy...

The morning I left

Hugs and thanks to Norma and her family.

The same trip in reverse. 4 am. 12 people three rows of four in the back of a truck. This time was a bit different because it was cold and rainy.

The woman’s group of the town gave me a Honduras shirt so I would not forget them.

When I got to Puerto Lempira, the first thing I wanted and needed was bread. I wandered down to the port, no boats. Found my way to the airport. No flights until the following day. I had a day to kill.

La moskitia felt a little like gilligans island just without maryann and ginger. Well, also without the ocean or the professor making contraptions out of coconuts. On second thought, it was nothing like gilligans island.

Took a shower, got a hot meal. Took the lap top to the restaurant. A sales rep from cannon was having dinner with a client. It seemed awkward. They saw that I was alone and asked me to join them. The awkward couple were my entertainment for the night. Dinner and few beers and some colorful conversation.

As I walked through town, I felt like Jason Bourne.

The next morning I made my way to the airport. Terrified I boarded the plane and took my same seat as before. As the pilots started the engine, a man stood up and wanted to pray. I thought great, anything that may help! The direct translation of a phrase of his prayer was “we pray that we do not get destroyed in the air” I thought….the air? What about the ground! I bit my toungue and did not interrupt. I figured god knew what he meant and that he understands Spanish.

A few people in the jungle jokingly said that God did not understand the language and prayers of moskito. This is why their lives were so difficult. I told them I would relay the message. The prayer on the plane really should have had a calming effect but It actually made thing worse.

I warned the guy next to me that I did not like to fly. He said nobody likes to fly. He did not want to talk. Bumpy flight but arrived in la cieba in one piece. I got out of the airport in a hurry, like the airport was on fire.

Back to chicken busses, and my guide book. Three things I want to do before I leave. visit ruins, a waterfall and climb a volcano. Problem is, I learned from the colorful couple, there were no volcanoes in Honduras. They did however tell me about some caves on the way to la esparanza.

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