Thursday, February 19, 2009

Santa Rosa De Copan - Dan Rodgerson

This is how the nachos are served. There is a small fire burning on the bottom

This is a mid-scale hotel shower. Notice the exposed wires. Electricity, water and being naked do not really mix well

Having been lost the previous day, I made sure I always knew where I was. Got a room with a nice family and read about nice rooftop restaurant above a hotel a few blocks away. Very cool little town. I nested on the top floor, found a wireless internet connection and spent a few hours returning e-mails and checking on things at home. In the hotel were two groups. The first was a group of Canadian college students who were there working with habitat for humanity for a week and a Christian Baptist group. The groups were east to tell apart. College kids were there to party.

It was valentines day and kinda sucked to be alone. While at the rooftop restaurant in stumbled a group from the college. We talked and laughed a bit and a few of them checked e-mail on my computer while the drinks began to disappear. They did not master the idea of drinking BEFORE you go out. In tourist areas, drinks can be about $2 each. That was a lot. Warned the blonde girls that they needed to be careful.

It was actually nice to find people who were there for less time than I was. Literally, I came into contact with about 100 people traveling and most were out for between 6 months to a year.

Crashed pretty early. Last full day in the country tomorrow :(

You know you are traveling in Central America when…

1. A hotel for $17 looks expensive
2. You are smelling a three day old shirt thinking, can I get a fourth day out of it?
3. Your new cologne is “deep woods off”
4. Random kids come up to you almost daily and say “one two three four five”
5. You get to a hotel that is full, and you actually ask around if anyone is willing to share
6. You become accustomed to it taking three hours to travel 60 miles in a rural bus.
7. Seeing a full set of teeth is like seeing a lunar eclipse
8. It is common that most 15 year olds are working on their second kid
9. Locals will call relatives living in the states and hand the phone to you. Like you want to talk with them.
10. You are quoted an average of 40% higher than locals on most items.
11. You get on a bus and people stare at you like you are a Martian.

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  1. I am posting a note to let you know I am keping track. Lots of adventure!

  2. Hey Dan,
    Quite an adventure you had in Central America. I enjoyed reading your commentary on the whole event. Let me know how things pan out with the job search and what not.

    Scott M.